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Lift A5000 is a phenomenal lift designed to use in places of moderate traffic - in private homes or public utility buildings. It is suitable for transportation of non-disabled people as well as disabled people on wheelchairs and their caretakers. The lift can be installed without modification to the building construction, appropriate basis and access to 230V and 400V supply is enough. Lifting height is adjusted to nominal height in the range of 0.50 m to several metres. The lift can be shielded by a shaft in full steel-aluminium or glazed construction. Appropriate safety devices guarantee security of the lift operation. It is certified according to EU / CE requirements. Made in Sweden. 

  • Design - Functionality - Reliability
    Discrete and modern design fits all kinds of interiors, whether it is a public utility building, shopping centre or a private home. Glazed door enrich the form, simultaneously increasing prestige of buildings.
  • Quick and efficient assembly
    The lift is supplied with a complete shaft. Such construction allows quick and efficient assembly directly in the place of assembly. It can be applied both inside and outside the premises.
  • Spindle drive
    Patented spindle drive ensures quiet operation.
  • Control panel
    Control panel is equipped with big, legible and vandalism-proof drive buttons. The buttons can be additionally equipped with Braille descriptors.
  • Rich additional options
    A variety of options allows to adjust the device to the needs of the investor, such a chromium elements of elevator car, voice messaging system, Braille descriptors, magnetic access card, voice notification about stops.
  • Easily adjusted to individual needs



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