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Small lift for disabled B900 is designed for people moving by wheelchairs, which need to move across the altitude difference (e.g. elevated ground floor). The lift can be installed without modification to the building construction, appropriate basis and access to 230V supply is enough. The lift construction without shaft consisting of steel, zinc-plated and painted elements, ensures good anti-corrosion protection and reliable operation. Compact design and appropriate safety devices guarantee security. The device is very simple to use so many disabled people can operate it independently. Produced in Poland.


  • Installation not requiring building construction modification
  • Resistant to temperature impact
    Temperature range -35ºC – 45ºC
  • Solid construction
    Engine room shielding made of sheet panels with the filling attenuating the lift operation.
  • Safe
    The lift has a protection against the uncontrolled move of the vehicle while lifting.
  • Easy to use
    It can be operated independently, without an accompanying person
  • Mounted inside / outside the buildings
  • The lift in accordance with the Machine Directive 2006/42/EU



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Schemat zasilania jednokreskowy 400 V - 3f B900.pdf pdf 48,13 KB Pobierz
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