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Lift E07 is a device with a hydraulic drive. This solution ensures quiet and failure-free operation. The lift occupies minimum space, necessary to secure comfort and safety of use. A wide variety of interior décor and external elements allows to adjust the lift appearance to the place of its application. The lift can be installed both inside and outside the buildings. It does not require any special construction works. Made in Italy.

  • Universal
    It is easily adjusted to all surroundings thanks to customized design and manufacture to fit specific place of its destination - both inside and outside the building.
  • Comfort and safety
    The lift is quiet, comfortable and safe to use. It is equipped with easy-to-use control devices.
  • Increases prestige of buildings
    It is characterized by avant-garde construction, taking into account its construction, universality and design.
  • Installation inside and outside the buildings
    The lift is suitable both in case of refurbishment and new investment because it does not require construction works.
  • Rich additional options
    Additional options include: LCD floor indicator, control access key, LED interior illumination, automatic door
  • Easily adjusted to individual needs




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