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Pionizator/Podnośnik MODULIFT

The MODULIFT is equipment for transportation of aged, disabled persons. It is used in private homes, nursing care homes, rehabilitation wards, hospitals. Patient hoist allows to transport person in upright position to any chosen place - armchair, toilet or chair. Standard version includes seats for upright standing and for transportation. The basic advantage of MODULIFT is its compact construction, quick disassembly possibility, integrated charger and easy operation.

Bath lift NEPTUN

Unique construction allows adjustment to virtually every kind of bath, which makes Neptun a versatile and perfect bath lift. It was designed in consultation with professional caretakers and many individual users. The lift offers great leg room, places low in the bathtub and it is one of the lightest bath lifts available in the market.

Stairlift PLATYNA CU

Stairlift PLATYNA CU moves by curvilinear trajectory. It is a solution which can serve the elderly to prolong their independence at home. Climb by steep stairs can be tiring and sometimes even extremely demanding physically. Independence gained by chairs adhering to stairs helps the elderly in numerous therapeutic and social ways.


Our activity is based on the idea along the lines of “Life without barriers.” There is a whole range of devices which support disabled people in their everyday life. We offer you platforms for disabled people with optional installation, which allow to eliminate broadly understood barriers of everyday life.  An increasing number of places in public area is adjusted to the needs of disabled people. Similar solutions can be encountered in houses inhabited by disabled people or by people who have problems moving around in their everyday lives. The most common choice is the use of a platform situated next to the stairs.  Our offert covers both such lifts and platform lifts. We recommend using our products and services, owing to which life without barriers will become more comfortable and enjoyable.

We guarantee professional advisory services and ensure after sale service in the form of installation of platforms for disabled people. We have recently performed installations of our products in locations in cities such as Warszawa, Poznań, Gorzów, Suwałki, Słupsk, Wrocław, Elbląg and Radom.

Small lift for disabled B900
(lifting height up to 3 m)

Small lift for disabled B900 is designed for people moving by wheelchairs, which need to move across the altitude difference (e.g. elevated ground floor). The lift can be installed without modification to the building construction, appropriate basis and access to 230V supply is enough. The lift construction without shaft consisting of steel, zinc-plated and painted elements, ensures good anti-corrosion protection and reliable operation. Compact design and appropriate safety devices guarantee security. The device is very simple to use so many disabled people can operate it independently. Produced in Poland.

Platform lift H-ES (elevator for disabled H-ES)

Small lift for disabled H-ES
(lifting height up to 1,3 m)

It is designed to transport disabled people who move on wheelchairs. The lift is helpful in case of connections of surfaces located at different levels. It is characterized by compact construction, lack of machine room and light weight. It is one of very rare lifts not fixed to the surface. The lift is made of stainless steel elements, which guarantees long life of the device. It is perfectly suited to be mounted outside buildings.

Platform lift O-GA
(curved track)

Platform lift O-GA moves by curvilinear trajectory. It is designed to transport disabled people who move on wheelchairs and people who walk but have problems moving up and down the stairs. When it is folded, the platform can be summoned to the place of getting on by means of wall-mounted summoning cartridge, mounted on stops. After putting into place on the platform, the movement up and down takes place after pressing the remote located directly on the device. It is constructed from a permanent part - rail (mounted to load-bearing pillars or directly to the wall) and a moving part - platform.


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Small lift for disabled STRATEG
(lifting height up to 3 m)

Small lift for disabled STRATEG is a lift for transportation of disabled people and their caretakers among various levels of buildings. Compact construction, lack of visible machinery room makes this small lift an exceptional product, which can also be mounted in places so far inaccessible for classical lifts. It is also interesting that in case the lift is mounted to the wall of the building the foundation is not required. This way, the entire investment is more cost-effective and easier. In the standard version, the lift is equipped with an in-run ramp, with which it moves and which automatically unfolds at the bottom stop. It can be painted in any colour if requested. Produced in Sweden.

Bath lift AKILA

Akila is an offer of a light bath lift with regulated backrest, unfolded up to the angle of 35° with just one button. Solid construction with streamlined shape made the lift flexible in its use both for people and the elderly in different bath versions. It is especially useful for users who will make us of its raised construction and fold-out backrest angle, avoiding additional costs related to the choice of head restraint.


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