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LIFT PLUS PL Kaczmarczyk Spółka Jawnaul. Strażacka 33 42-263 Wrzosowa k. Częstochowytel./fax: +48 34 314 03 10, NIP: 5732847661 KRS: 0000490001REGON: 243435020 Jesteśmy do Państwa usług od poniedziałku do piątku w godz. 8 -16.   _ DORADCY STACJONARNI: mgr Michał Wilczyński tel. 662 776 325, mgr Łukasz Markowski tel. 519 077 096,

Stairclimber CLIMBER
(staircrawler with capacity 130 kg and 150 kg)

Stairclimber CLIMBER is a portable stair climber allowing wheelchair-bound people to move up and down the stairs with the help of another person. It is faultless, well-built and featured by great usability. While designing, optimum safety was taken into consideration and it was equipped with one of the most advanced security systems. Electrically controlled engine part eliminates the risk of remaining half-way through the stairs without electricity supply.

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Stairlift HW 10

Stairlift H-LE moves by curvilinear trajectory. It consists of a rail and a special armchair with revolving seat, inside of which all mechanical and electrical systems are mounted. The rail is mounted by means of a special bracket to stairs or to the wall. The moving part is equipped with a propulsion engine. After putting into place, the movement up and down takes place after activating the lever of a joystick located directly on the armrest of the device. On the levels of top and bottom stop (or, if applicable, on intermediate levels), the device stops automatically.

Small lift for disabled B900
(lifting height up to 3 m)

Small lift for disabled B900 is designed for people moving by wheelchairs, which need to move across the altitude difference (e.g. elevated ground floor). The lift can be installed without modification to the building construction, appropriate basis and access to 230V supply is enough. The lift construction without shaft consisting of steel, zinc-plated and painted elements, ensures good anti-corrosion protection and reliable operation. Compact design and appropriate safety devices guarantee security. The device is very simple to use so many disabled people can operate it independently. Produced in Poland.

Small lift for disabled H-ES
(lifting height up to 1,3 m)

It is designed to transport disabled people who move on wheelchairs. The lift is helpful in case of connections of surfaces located at different levels. It is characterized by compact construction, lack of machine room and light weight. It is one of very rare lifts not fixed to the surface. The lift is made of stainless steel elements, which guarantees long life of the device. It is perfectly suited to be mounted outside buildings.

Electric stand up lift RP 806

Electric stand up lift RP 806 is designed to transport people with reduced mobility who need constant care. The model consists of a lift and a special seat made of fabric. The caretaker mounts the basket on the disabled and joins him/her with the arm of the lift. This, in turn, allows to move from the bed to wheelchair, from the wheelchair to bathtub or rehab mattress laying on the ground to the wheelchair. The device is operated by the nurse - patient’s help. The equipment cannot be used independently.

Pionizator/Podnośnik MODULIFT

The MODULIFT is equipment for transportation of aged, disabled persons. It is used in private homes, nursing care homes, rehabilitation wards, hospitals. Patient hoist allows to transport person in upright position to any chosen place - armchair, toilet or chair. Standard version includes seats for upright standing and for transportation. The basic advantage of MODULIFT is its compact construction, quick disassembly possibility, integrated charger and easy operation.

Lift for disabled A5000
(lifting height up to 15 m)

Lift A5000 is a phenomenal lift designed to use in places of moderate traffic - in private homes or public utility buildings. It is suitable for transportation of non-disabled people as well as disabled people on wheelchairs and their caretakers. The lift can be installed without modification to the building construction, appropriate basis and access to 230V and 400V supply is enough. Lifting height is adjusted to nominal height in the range of 0.50 m to several metres. The lift can be shielded by a shaft in full steel-aluminium or glazed construction. Appropriate safety devices guarantee security of the lift operation. It is certified according to EU / CE requirements. Made in Sweden.


LIFT PLUS PL Kaczmarczyk Spółka Jawna
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tel./fax: +48 34 314 03 10,

NIP: 5732847661
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