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It is designed to transport disabled people who move on wheelchairs. The lift is helpful in case of connections of surfaces located at different levels. It is characterized by compact construction, lack of machine room and light weight. It is one of very rare lifts not fixed to the surface. The lift is made of stainless steel elements, which guarantees long life of the device. It is perfectly suited to be mounted outside buildings.

  • Possible to move to any desired location
    Thanks to mounted driving wheels the left can be transported to any place necessary.
  • Non-slip on both sides
    The platform is equipped with a simple but effective mechanism securing against slipping or skidding off the lift. The entire platform is made of non-slip material.
  • Protection against unauthorised use
    Locking of the emergency switch STOP by means of a key is sufficient protection of the lift against unauthorised use.
  • Solid construction
    Applied materials were chosen in order to secure full anti-corrosion protection, the casing is made of stainless steel (platform construction is made of galvanized steel), anti-corrosion protection by means of anti-corrosive paint coating, lift floor made of stainless steel.
  • Additional protection measures
    The drive of the lift is equipped with emergency control limit switches, which is an additional protection measure in case of failure or mechanical damage.





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