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ODA bathtub with the door opening to the inside is also the right solution for persons who have problems with independent use of traditional shower or bath. Comfortable, properly profiled seat will facilitate perfect relaxation of the user. The bathtub is designed especially for the elderly, who may be afraid that they will fall down while using traditional devices or unable to use them. Thanks to the use of anti-slip bottom surface and seat the bath is safe and secure for the user.


  • Door opens inside
    ODA bathtub is specially recommended for disabled people or the elderly who need the bathtub door opening to the inside.
  • High quality sanitary article
    Made of durable materials based on raw materials of Reichhold USA. Ergonomic form securing optimum relaxation. Opening door, watertight during bath.
  • Guaranteed safety of use
    Anti-slip surface of bathtub seat and bottom. Equipped with new, comfortable seat.
  • Rich additional options increase bath comfort
    Any colour from Ral Clasic palette, raised seat, whirl system, pearl massage system, thermostatic battery mounted on the side of the bathtub.
  • Perfectly suited for brines and other therapeutic baths.



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