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Platform lift O-GA moves by curvilinear trajectory. It is designed to transport disabled people who move on wheelchairs and people who walk but have problems moving up and down the stairs. When it is folded, the platform can be summoned to the place of getting on by means of wall-mounted summoning cartridge, mounted on stops. After putting into place on the platform, the movement up and down takes place after pressing the remote located directly on the device. It is constructed from a permanent part - rail (mounted to load-bearing pillars or directly to the wall) and a moving part - platform.

  • It moves by curvilinear trajectory
  • Any rail shape
    The rail can be of any shape, which means that the platform can be mounted practically everywhere.
  • Negative trajectory angle
    What’s interesting, the angle of the trajectory can also be negative.
  • Light and functional
    Inside the rail there is a support cable. Over the top stop, on the rail, mounted is the engine which pulls the cable, which by means of a connection with a platform moves it up and down. Thanks to this solution, the moving part is small and light.
  • Adjusted to individual needs
    The platform is a device individually adjusted to the place of its assembly. The floor of the platform can be of any size. There are many additional equipment (seating, automatically unfolded floor, stainless steel furnishing or active floor). The client can also choose colour.
  • Automatic stops
    On the levels of top and bottom stop (or, if applicable, on intermediate levels), the device stops automatically.




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