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Small lift for disabled STRATEG is a lift for transportation of disabled people and their caretakers among various levels of buildings. Compact construction, lack of visible machinery room makes this small lift an exceptional product, which can also be mounted in places so far inaccessible for classical lifts. It is also interesting that in case the lift is mounted to the wall of the building the foundation is not required. This way, the entire investment is more cost-effective and easier. In the standard version, the lift is equipped with an in-run ramp, with which it moves and which automatically unfolds at the bottom stop. It can be painted in any colour if requested. Produced in Sweden. 

  • No separate machine room
    STRATEG is one of very few lifts which do not have their machine room.
  • Automatically unfolded ramp
  • Quick and easy to mount
    It is suitable for use in places which are difficult to access for classical lifts. Gentle start / stop.
    Lift installation takes c. 4 hours.
  • Foundation not required
    Lift can be mounted to the wall without the need to use a foundation.
  • Exceptional quality and durability
    Fully zinc-coated. Manufacturer’s warranty up to 3 years!
  • Weather-proof
    The device is perfectly usable during extremely low temperatures as well as in scorching hot days.



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