Stairclimber CLIMBER | (staircrawler with capacity 130 kg and 150 kg)

Stairclimber CLIMBER | (staircrawler with capacity 130 kg and 150 kg)

Stairclimber CLIMBER is a portable stair climber allowing wheelchair-bound people to move up and down the stairs with the help of another person. It is faultless, well-built and featured by great usability. While designing, optimum safety was taken into consideration and it was equipped with one of the most advanced security systems. Electrically controlled engine part eliminates the risk of remaining half-way through the stairs without electricity supply. 

  • Incredibly agile
    It needs only 990 mm on the floor platform which makes it a leader in its category. It may be used in narrow staircases. Very easy to transport by car.
  • Universal
    Compatible with 95% of wheelchairs. It may be adjusted to individual client needs (after special modifications there is a possibility to mount a very untypical wheelchair).
  • Solid and strong construction
    It is made of the world’s highest quality components. It has indestructible crawler tracks leaving no trails on the stairs.
  • Durable
    The main advantage of the stair climber is operation under increased load up to 150 kg.
  • Electronically powered engine part
    Battery powered engine part ensures constant energy supply. Adjusted engine drive is self-braking and does not change direction for reversed.




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