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Stair climber crawler T09 is a breakthrough achievement in terms of comfort and safety of use. The device is used for stair transportation of people on wheelchairs with large rear wheels and handles for pushing. It is useful both for straight stairs and those with square / rectangular platforms both inside and outside the building.  The stair climber is equipped with an internal charger and electronic indicator of stair gradient. It is an Italian product, currently available only in blue. 

  • Innovative and modern look
    Made of fully recyclable materials, it is characterized by ergonomic shape and quiet operation.
  • Safe and problem-free
    Specially designed crawler tracks made of light rubber secure perfect adherence of the device and leave no trace on the stairs. Easy to clean head restraint and handles allow to clean the device in few minutes.
  • Simple service
    Stair climber parameters allow stable and handy manoeuvring on stairs with a large degree of ease in steering the vehicle on floors. The device is regulated vertically and horizontally.
  • Equipped in manual descent system
    It allows safe transportation of the user in case the device stops on stairs.
  • Easy to transport
    It can be disassembled into two parts. Thanks to low weight and compact design it is very easy to transport.
  • Additional equipment
    Purchase of additional equipment allows also transportation of some children’s wheelchairs and wheelchairs equipped with small rear wheels.
  • Great price




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