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Stairlift ACORN IN moves by straight trajectory. It is designed to transport people who walk but have problems moving on stairs, e.g. the elderly, persons with hemiparesis, after amputation of one limb. The device has a built-in battery which ensures that the chair will continue working in case of sudden power supply breakdown. Every lift chair is adjusted to the highest safety standards and it is designed for easy installation. It is suitable for use both for inside and outside the buildings. It is additionally available in seating-standing version. 

  • Simple and comfortable use
    The chair operates almost free of noise. It has a footrest and rotating armchair which can also be folded.
  • Advanced safety
    Smooth start and stop of the chair eliminates sudden shocks and jerks. Diagnostic control panel notifies of potential problems (e.g. when the chair is wrongly parked). It is equipped with security sensors.
  • Best construction technology
    Lift chair is one of the most state-of-the-art products of this type available in the market. All elements are made of aluminium, plastic elements are heat and UV resistant, which will protect the chair against losing colour.
  • Intuitive steering
    A person operates the chair independently, with the use of joystick. The device is also equipped with an infrared remote control. 





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