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Stairlift PLATYNA CU moves by curvilinear trajectory. It is a solution which can serve the elderly to prolong their independence at home. Climb by steep stairs can be tiring and sometimes even extremely demanding physically. Independence gained by chairs adhering to stairs helps the elderly in numerous therapeutic and social ways.

  • Perfectly adjusted
    Perfectly coordinated to drive by curvilinear trajectory. Designed with the aim of discreet adjustment in almost every household.
  • Safe and problem-free
    Specially designed engine secures smooth and gentle drive, which is specially significant on curves and corners. Seating is ergonomic and may turn around, which allows users to leave the seat.
  • Quick production
  • Special option of powering
    Swivel Seat function automatically turns the seating on top of the stairs.
    Automatic Footrest Raiser function allows to raise the footrest by means of one pushbutton.
  • Award winning
    In 2009, The Green Organization awarded the seats with a Green Apple Gold distinction.




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