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Electric stand up lift RP 806

Electric stand up lift RP 806 is designed to transport people with reduced mobility who need constant care. The model consists of a lift and a special seat made of fabric. The caretaker mounts the basket on the disabled and joins him/her with the arm of the lift. This, in turn, allows to move from the bed to wheelchair, from the wheelchair to bathtub or rehab mattress laying on the ground to the wheelchair. The device is operated by the nurse - patient’s help. The equipment cannot be used independently.

Hydraulic stand up lift RP 800

RP 800 is a hydraulic stand up lift designed for easy transportation and lifting disabled people who need constant care. The device secures safe and comfortable help while performing everyday duties. It is perfectly suited for premises with limited space. Made in Italy.

Electrical hoist Atlas-S

Electric stand up lift Atlas-S

Atlas-S is a mini model of electric stand up lifts with unfolded foundation. These devices are adjustable to most wheelchairs and rehabilitation armchairs. Compact size and low weight of Atlas-S stand up lifts facilitate their application in narrow and limited spaces such as bathroom or toilet. The lifts can be used during rehabilitation activities, lifting the patient of the floor, changing the patient’s position from the bed to the wheelchair and from the wheelchair to the car.

Manual hoist Atlas-R

Manual stand up lift Atlas-R

Atlas-R is a mini model of stand up lifts with manual bearing system. Lifting and lowering of disabled people takes place by means of a handle. Unfolded foundation of the stand up lift guarantees stability and safety, allowing transportation to electric wheelchairs, active wheelchairs or other kinds of seat. Atlas-R lifts are great to use in home conditions and while getting into the car. They are designed especially for people who travel by car.

Pionizator/Podnośnik MODULIFT

The MODULIFT is equipment for transportation of aged, disabled persons. It is used in private homes, nursing care homes, rehabilitation wards, hospitals. Patient hoist allows to transport person in upright position to any chosen place - armchair, toilet or chair. Standard version includes seats for upright standing and for transportation. The basic advantage of MODULIFT is its compact construction, quick disassembly possibility, integrated charger and easy operation.

Stand up lift/Patient hoist Atlas-PP

Atlas-PP is an electric patient hoist and stand up lift. Helps in rehabilitation - Unfolded foundation function allows upright standing and transportation to electric wheelchairs, active wheelchairs or other kinds of seat, disallowing the lift foundation to get under the seat.


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