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Hoist WS 200 is a modern medical device manufactured for safe and comfortable transfer of disabled people  between rooms (from bed, wheelchair, floor). The device can be transported manually or electrically. It is possible to design a system allowing to communicate several rooms, e.g. bedroom and bathroom, hall or kitchen.

  • Safety
    Emergency stop pushbutton, emergency lowering independent from the drive train. Supply with secure 24V voltage. Dynamic and secure equipment. Hoist tested for the durability according to British Standard 10535 - more than 10.000 lifting trials.
  • Comfort of use
    Easy to load the system allows to choose the right seat. Synchronization of few rooms by means of one drive unit. Gentle start / stop function guaranteeing smooth, controlled transfer.
  • Self-diagnostics
    Sound and visual signals indicate faults and battery level.
  • Application of electrical solutions
    Battery is charged for just 2 hours and operation time is as much as 250 cycles on one charging.
  • Flexibility of choice
    The device can move upon linear or curvilinear trajectory. Crossroads and switches on trajectories possible. X-Y system covering e.g. one hospital room by means of just one drive unit. Assembly possible on various kinds of ceilings and walls. Different kinds of seats.



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